By: Rafa Salomón

Speechless, I could only babble: What a beautiful movie! And right away, the crying drowned in my throat at the end of the COCO movie.

This was my emotional experience after seeing the film, so much symbolism, full of affection and traditions, to be honest; it took me a little work to understand the way in which the creators understood our emotional life so well.

By watching this cinematographic jewel, you will find memorable moments, characters, stories that will make you remember “someone” of your family and music that will touch your emotional fibers.


The art and visual design are guaranteed by PIXAR, but the content is the result of an ancestral culture and cosmovision.

Respectful of death, it enhances family values ​​and of course it is very fun, in no way does it intend to present a chair of the journey that we will all undertake to the “beyond”, rather, it makes clear that in this journey to the “other world” we can still have reparation of our acts.


Personally I felt flattered to see on screen the traditions of my country, the good feelings and the importance of the family for us Mexicans.

While U.S. President Trump thinks about building walls, Disney builds bridges with Mexico.